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Racing Results

1979         Winner out of 300 contestants of the Winfield/Elf Racing School.  

1980         French Formula Renault Championship 13th overall.

1981         French Formula Renault Championship, 1st at Nurburgring, 2nd in Magny-Cours, 6th overall

1982         Various club and classic car events.

1983         International FF 2000 Championship 6th overall.

1985-95    Racing instructor at the Winfield Racing schools.

1995         French GT series at Laquais. 1st place with Porsche 911 RS.

1996         24 H of Daytona with Porsche 993 RS 16th in class, 28th overall.

                 4 hours of Monza with Porsche 911 RS 7th overall.

1998         German GTM Championship with the EMS driving a Stingray '65. 1st at Zolder.

1999         German GTM Championship with EMS. 1st at SPA, 2nd at Zolder, 3rd Hockenheim.

2000         24 H of Daytona with a Porsche GT3-R. 23rd in class, 44th overall.

                 FIA Hungaroring with Konrad Motorsports, 9th place with Porsche 911GT2.

2001         24 H of Daytona with Freisinger Motorsport Porsche GT3-R. 12th in class, 18th overall.

2002         24 H of Daytona with MAC Racing Porsche GT3-RS.15th in class, 26th overall.

2003         1st place 24 H of Nurburgring with BMW M3, 7th place 6 hrs of VLN cup, Nurburgring.

2004         24 H of Daytona, Graham Nash Motorsports, Porsche GT3-RSleading class when engine 

                 failed at 1:00 AM.

2005         24 H of Daytona with ASC, Corvette C5R 18th in class,35th overall. 

                 4 hr. Barbarossa Cup, Nurburgring, BMW M3, DNF - engine failure.

2006         24 H of Daytona, running 5th with a Mazda RX8 when differential failed. 

                 24 H Nurburgring with BMW M3,10th place.

2007         24 H of Nurburgring BMW M3, qualified 2nd, DNF VLN Goodrich Cup BMW, M3.

2008         24 H of Nurburgring, BMW M3 with Team Pro-vln, qualified 15th, 9th in class.

2011         24 H of Dubai, BMW 120TD with Cor Euser motorsports, Qualified 9th, finished 5th in class

                 24 H of Nurburgring, BMW M3, 7th in class with Lingmann motorsports. 

2012         24 H of Dubai, GC 10.2 sports prototype with Team GC Automobile,3rd in class, 22nd overall. 

                 4 H VLN, 1st place with 400 HP BMW M1 Holinger, SP5 class. 

                 24 H Nurburgring, 1st place SP5 class, BMW M1 Hollinger.

2013         24 H of Dubai, GC10 sports silhouette (6.2l V8, 500 HP), 4th in class and 58th overall.  

                 24 H of Nurburgring, Leutheuser racing, M3 SP6, 450 HP, 3rd place and 67th overall. 

2014         24 H of Dubai with Lorenzi Racing, Porsche 997 Cup S, 450 HP, 7th in class and 35th overall.

                 4 H of VLN Nurburgring, 1st place with BMW M1 Hollinger,

                 24 H of Nurburgring with De Lorenzi Racing, Porsche 997 Cup S, 11th in class

2015          24 H Dubai with GC Automobiles (6.2L V8 540HP), Pole position, 6th in class

                 F1 test Magny Cours GP track.

2016         24 H Dubai with Marc Cars Australia (5.7L V8, 550HP), DNF (Steering failure) 

                 24 H Silverstone with GC Automobiles, 3rd Place Podium and 14th overall!

2017         24H of Dubai with GC Automobiles, 5.7L V8, 550HP), Running 2nd after 13 hours

                 then engine failure! DNF.

                 Tour Auto Optic 2000 with Jack Logan as co-driver, 1st in class and 7th overall in a

                 Porsche 2.5l ST

2018         Le Mans Classic 24 hours with Atlantic Racing, 3rd in class (Proto -2L)and 19th out of

                 75 entries driving a  Chevron B8!

2019         5th in Peter Auto Championship, class CER1 (Proto-2L) with a Chevron B8;

                 Barcelona 2nd, SPA 3rd, Dijon 4th,  Monza 3rd,  Paul ricard 2nd

                 Daytona 24 Hr Classic race, 2nd in class and 6th overall in group A. 

2021         Dubai 24 Hours, 1st in class and 13th overall with Leipert Motorsports running a

                 +600HP Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO. 

                 Le Mans Bugatti, 2nd in class with a Chevron B21 with Atlantic Racing. Shared the drive with 

                 Romain Belleteste.1st of the Chevron B8s in CER1 class in Vallelunga driving a Chevron B8.  

2022         3rd place in the GT1 class in the CER1 group with my own homebuilt Porsche 911 2.8l RSR  clone.

                    5th place in GT1 class, CER1 with my RSR in the Dix Milles Tours du Castellet and P2 of the 2.8L RSRs!

2023         Mugello Peter Auto with 911 RSR 2.8l. DNF. Engine failure.

                 Le Mans Porsche Classic race 2023, P1 of the 2.8l RSRS', 3rd in the GTS27 Class and 8th overall. 

                 Estoril 2023 with Porsche RSR 2.8l. Ran 2nd in GTS27 Class until gearbox failure 2 laps from end.DNF!

2024         Doha, Qatar, WEC Support race with Porsche 911 RSR 2.8l.  P3 in the GT1 Class!!


                                            FIA WEC  Driver Categorization              2023                Bronze



The following sponsors deserve special mention for enabling my career, my pole positions, podium finishes and wins, as well as the unique opportunity to experience motor racing from within. 


ELF Fuels , GPA Helmets, Sparco driving gear,Bell Helmets, 

Boutique Armoire, TonDach Roofing Co.

CP Holdings Huntraco, COSA, Cat Financial Germany, Multidocker,

Tom & Agneta Stanesa, 

My Dad, my beloved wife

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