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Daytona 24 Hour Classic with Team Atlantic racing running a '71 Chevron B16 with A Rotary engine

Daytona 2019 program.jpg
340 HP Chevron B16 weighing in at 600kg.
getting rready to race Daytona 2019.jpg
Daytona 2019.jpg
Team drivers Daytona Classic 2019.jpg
Chevron B16 and Lola T70.jpg

Climb on board for a lap at Daytona with the rotary powered Chevron B16!

Team Photo Daytona 2019.jpg
Chevron B16 Daytona.jpg
rear of Chevron B16.jpg

Peter auto 2019 with a  240HP '69 chevron B8 weighing in at 500kg

Barcelona - SPA - Dijon - SPA - Monza - Paul Ricard

Pierre and me at Paul Ricard.jpg
Chevron B8 '69.jpg
Chevron B8 warming up.jpg
Barcelona heart rate .jpg


Le Mans 24 Hour Classic with Team Atlantic racing running a '69 Chevron B8

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 20.03.48.png

Huge success at the first running of the Tour Auto Optic 2018. Driving a race prepared Porsche 911 2.5l ST Kurt managed 1st in class and 7th overall out of  115 competitors in the competition class. Read all about it in the race report ....!




































2016 Podium finish at the first running of the 24 Hours of Silverstone with a 3rd place  for our Nr. 203 car  and 14th overall!!!

































Having started the race basically at the end of the pack due to issues during qualifying there was nothing in the cards that indicated we would enjoy the coming weekend of racing!! In fact as we tried to settle into a good pace we had significnat issues early on in the race.

read on for more......




July 2015 Kurt tests an F1 at the French GP race track in  Magny Cours 

Sma2015  Dubai 24 hours 

The Dubai 24 H 2015 edition started with a bang! car was great as we ws the extended team.   We qualified 7th  overall!! and after an uneventful start quickly worked our way up the field  ending up 1st in class as we entered dusk.  Everything was running as planned around 1 AM  when all of a sudden our destiny took another turn. Read on.....

Recent racing successes


Nurburgring 24 Hours

For my 8th 24hours on the Nordschleife I teamed up with GDL Racing and Porsche driving a 450 HP Porsche 997 cup S race car, the same as in Dubai......more

Dubai 24 hours

The 9th edition of the Dubai 24 hours has just come to a close. The only endurance race in the world with 13 hours of darkness saw a record number of entries, 90 to be exact. I partnered for the first time with GDL Racing running a 450 HP Porsche 997 Cup S......more


Nurburgring 24 hours 2013 - 3rd place SP6 class

All was looking good for a class win in the SP6 class having led for 21 of the 24 hours. This years event was red flagged for 7 hours due to horrific weather.....more

Dubai 24 hours 2013 - 4th place SP2 class

For my 3rd participation in the 24 H of Dubai I again teamed up with Team GC Autmobiles driving a 520 HP Chevy powered GC.10.2. This Silhouette prototype entered in the SP2 class was exceptionally fun to drive but a podium finish was not to be..... more


Nurburgring 24 hours 2012 - 1st place SP5 class

For my 7th participation at this epic event I teamed up for the second time with Lingmann Motorsport running a properly modified series M1 BMW coupe in the SP5 class. The 450 HP 6 cylinder would reserve a nasty surprise for us.......more 

Dubai 24 hours 2012 - 3rd place SP3 class

For my 2nd attempt at this 24 H event I decided to team up with Team GC Automobiles driving a Silhouette prototype GC 10 with a 350 HP V6 Nissan engine. With an experienced team of co drivers we took on the challenge wholeheartedly. ......more

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